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fretwork miniature grandfather clock made with a scroll saw

Time Continuum sells hand crafted clocks and decorative accessories. Tom incorporates fretwork into a lot of his pieces, and would like to give you a little history on it. Fretwork is the sawing of very ornate and decorative items, with numerous inside or cutout openings and designs that involve an array of quick, sharp turns.This form of light woodworking was extremely popular in the United States from the mid-1800's through the 1930's. Egyptian furniture removed from sealed tombs provides proof that veneers were used as ornamental fret like overlays some 3,000 years ago. It was also very popular in England and Germany. For some, fretwork is a recreational pastime, for others it is a very serious art form and business.

All clocks have quartz movements and are battery operated. Batteries are included. Special order items such as the miniature grandfather clock may take up to one month to complete. Please be sure to order early for special occasions.

Miniature Grandfather Clock - One of my best selling specialty items, the miniature grandfather clock makes a priceless wedding or anniversary gift, and will become an heirloom to be treasured for generations to come. This is a wonderful piece of fretwork made of a combination of oak and maple with a scroll saw, then finished with a clear sealer to bring out the richness of the wood. It measures 28" to the peak, 8" wide, and 6-1/4" deep. The dial has a quartz movement and is battery operated. Each clock takes approximately 40 hours to make. Price $300.00.

fretwork Christmas Sleigh

Christmas Sleigh - A holiday favorite, the Christmas Sleigh is a wonderful centerpiece for your Holiday Table, filled with dried flowers and a candle, or round tree ornaments. Filled with tea candles or bath and body supplies, it makes a wonderful gift. The sleigh measures 6-1/2" high x 10-1/2" long x 5" wide. Light Oak. Price $39.95

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder - Looking for that special gift for the person who has everything? The business card holder, made of oak with a natural sealer, has a clock on the outside, and when you lift the top, has storage for business cards, paper clips, etc. It fits nicely on that special someone's desk at home or the office at 5" deep x 6-1/2" wide x 6-1/2" high. Price $39.95

barn clockbarn clock

Barn Clock - The Barn Clock, made of pine, comes in two styles; a mantle clock, 13-1/2" tall by 12" wide, or a wall clock with pegs to hang cups and things from, 16-1/2" tall by 12" wide. Each style is finished with a wooden shingle roof and country decorations. There are a different dials to choose from. Price small $64.95, large $74.95

Lighthouse Weather Station

Lighthouse Weather Station - This continues to be one of my best sellers. The perfect gift for the person who just can't get enough of the ocean. It will sit in your home as a reminder of your last visit there, and get you through the cold winter months dreaming about next summer at the beach. The Lighthouse Weather Station can be purchased with two different dials. One is a thermometer, the other is a combination hygrometer/barometer. The dials have a quartz movement and are solid brass. Battery operated. The Lighthouse is made of pine and cut with a scroll saw. They can be finished in a light or dark stain, or can be painted as in the photo. The Lighthouse Weather Stations are 18" high x 14" wide and 3-1/2" deep at base. Price - thermometer $74.95, hygrometer/barometer $84.95. Please specify when ordering.

doll Beds

Doll Beds - Just think of how happy any little girl would be to have this bed for her own special dolls. The bed is also available as a single bed. Made of solid pine, the single bed measures 2' long x 13-1/2" wide x 8" high. To add that finishing touch, matching doll quilts and pillows can be ordered from M&M Quilters on this same site. A single doll bed is $34.95, the bunk is $64.95. The bunk doll bed is made so the top and bottom lock into each other.

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