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My grandmother taught me how to sew as a small child. Having been born in Austria, you were taught to sew, knit, and embroider at a young age. It has always been an enjoyable part of my life. So, it only seemed natural to go on to quilting as the next step. I honestly don't have the patience for a lot of hand quilting, so most of my work is machine pieced and machine quilted. I am never alone in my quilting. My helper, Socks the cat, is always by my side, or on my chair, or on my shoulders, always ready to help. When she feels I haven't done enough quilting for the day, she will carry a small amount of fabric in her mouth upstairs to let me know it's time to get back to the sewing machine. If only I could teach her to cut. The quilts that I have on this site are ones that I never tire of making. They are fun quilting projects and each one differs with the colors. I am always on the lookout for new patterns that I would enjoy making and having in my home. As I come across these, I will add them to my web site.

Autumn Leaves - Do you enjoy the autumn weather with its crisp, clear days and beautiful display of colored leaves on the trees? Does it make you want to bite into a juicy, red apple? Well, now you can have autumn leaves on your table and wall that won't disappear with the first snow of winter. This is one of my best sellers and just like leaves, each piece is unique. I always look for new, rich-colored fabrics for the leaves, and stay with an ivory background. A couple of years ago, I started to outline the leaves with a gold thread which adds to the richness of these quilts. The large quilt runs 49" x 49" with a price of $89.95. The small quilt runs 28 1/2" x 28 1/2" with a price of $59.95. Either one can be used as a wall hanging or table cover, or treat yourself to one of each. Specify table cover or wall hanging, as the quilted wall hanging come with tabs for hanging.

Quilted Lightship Basket Pillow

Lightship Basket Pillow - Centuries ago while sailors along the shores of Nantucket were protected by lightships, the keepers passed the months at sea by weaving baskets, hence, the Nantucket basket. You can enjoy the lightship basket in the quilted 18' x 18" pillow form overflowing with a flower bouquet. Specify color range. Price $24.95.

Frosty and Friends Wall Hanging

Frosty and Friends - Can't wait for that first snow to make a snowman with? Now you won't have to. These quilted wall hangings come with their own snowmen and make wonderful holiday gifts. Frosty and Friends has always been a favorite. Depending on your decor, the background and border fabrics can be made to your choice of color. Frosty can also have a Mrs. Frosty, so her hat and colors change accordingly. Now you can enjoy Frosty through the entire winter season. 27" x 35" Price $49.95.

Doll Quilt

Doll Quilt - What little girl wouldn't like a quilt and pillow for her special little doll. They are made to fit the doll beds on Tom's site "Time Continuum". The quilts measure 18-1/2" x 12-1/2" with a pillow to match. I use two different fabrics in each quilt. Please specify what colors you are looking for when ordering. Quilt and pillow set $14.95.

reversible bag

Reversible Bag - A great seller, this bag is wonderful for work, the beach, shopping, or working out. There are a total of eight different fabrics in the bag, which measures 20" x 20" with another 26" for the handle. Please specify the color scheme you would like when ordering. For example: purples, yellows, etc. Price $29.95.

Harvest Scarecrow Wall Hanging

Harvest Scarecrow - What better way to enjoy the fall season than with your own quilted scarecrow. Hang it on our door and decorate with pumpkins on the floor. This wall hanging measures approximately 27 x 39". Colors vary. Price $49.95.

Pop-Up Pet Tent

Pop-Up Pet Tent - Socks and her sister, Pookie, would be upset if I didn't include this on my site. The inside is supported by two steel wires that are covered with fabric, the bottom is made of polar fleece. It's a great hiding place for your feline friend, as well as your precious pooch. It measures 14" x 14" and I always use fabric with either cats or dogs. Please specify when ordering. Price $29.95.

Quilted Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Holder - Tired of looking for a place to display all of your Christmas cards. Look no further. What a great way to show your cards and decorate your home for the holidays. The holder measures 29" x 14" with three individual compartments for cards. Just put on a dowel for hanging and you're ready for those cards to start arriving. Price $19.95.

Yuletide Table Runner

Yuletide Table Runner and Placemats- These have been a favorite over the years and what a great way to decorate the holiday table. The runner measures 13" x 58". The background fabrics are according to your taste; country, contemporary, etc. Let me know what color scheme you are looking for when ordering. Place mats are available to match or use on their own. Table runner or set of four placemats $24.95. Complete set $44.95.


Lover's Knot Placemats - These are the perfect gift for newlyweds, an anniversary gift or a house warming. The holidays also are an ideal time to show your love to a friend or member of your family with these colorful placemats. You can make these seasonal by choosing a fabric to go along with the time of year you want to display them. Set of four placemats $24.95.

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