Briar Brook Creations featuring post office coin banks, fretwork clocks and quilts

Briar Brook Creations is made of a family of craftsmen which loves to create handmade gifts of wood and fabric. Our family consists of Bill, owner of The Bank Works; Margit, Bill's wife and owner of M&M Quilters; and Tom, Margit's son and owner of the Time Continuum. We live in the small hill town community of Blandford, surrounded by the beautiful Berkshire Mountains which inspire much of our creativity. The name, Briar Brook, comes from the brook which runs along our property. Please have a look at the things we love to make!

Wall Hanging Quilt by M&M Quilters, Post office box Coin Banks by The Bank Works, Fretwork Miniature Grandfather Clock by Time Continuum

The Bank Works, run by Bill, specializes in hand-crafted wooden coin banks which are made with old post office box doors. Bill, a skilled carpenter by trade, is now retired and he has the time to let his artistic talents expand. His all-around knowledge of wood allows him, not only to make wooden coin banks, but carve detailed shore birds, along with duck and geese decoys, and create lath pictures from the old lath strips that were used to hold plaster in the walls of older homes.

Time Continuum, run by Tom, creates unique wooden gifts, through a technique referred to as fretwork using a scroll saw. His concentration has been on different styles of clocks, ranging from country to delicate pieces of art. His miniature grandfather clock has always been a favorite. Through his mother's love of quilts, he has expanded to smaller pieces of furniture which incorporate the quilts, such as quilt racks and doll beds.

M & M Quilters, run by Margit, creates unique quilted gifts. She creates many seasonal wall hangings and home decorations. A bookkeeper by trade, sewing has always been a part of her life. Having sewn a lot of her own clothes, as well as her children's when they were younger; quilting just seemed to be the next step. Her first quilt won a blue ribbon at a fair. Most of the quilts are machine-stitched and quilted, but some of the smaller wall hangings have hand quilting in them.

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